No one has said anything about prodromal labor, and I’ve never even heard of it. But after researching it, this is exactly what is happening to me. Today is the fourth day of my “labor” and I am losing myself. I’m so incredibly uncomfortable, but I can stand that. It’s the hopelessness and the emotions that are driving me insane. The first two days I was somehow positive, but after two days of no rest I’m done. I’m just done. I haven’t really gotten out of bed today. I’m bordering depressed. I’m trying so hard to remind myself that I have to be close. I can’t be this uncomfortable and not be close.

But I’m glad you brought this up because it’s so exactly what I’m enduring. Also I found a great blog post from a woman who went through this.


Contractions started again tonight, so I went walking for half an hour. They got so strong, but still not painful like I’m waiting for. Now that I’m relaxing they’re getting weaker again. They’re such a tease. It’s not happening tonight.

Ezra was at a -1 station at the hospital. If I can just get his head to drop that one station I believe I’ll start dilating again. It’s been a long 24 hours of nothing really, and I don’t like that. I did manage 11 hours of sleep last night, so now I’m getting up and going for a walk.

Let’s get real

Constantly having to remind myself that I’m closer to having Ezra in my arms with every moment that passes. It’s been a very rough day for me. Last night I was told that I would be having a baby today. Now I’m back at home with nothing more than periodic contractions. I feel like my body has let me down. I just want my baby.