Anonymous asked:

where the FUCK does your problem with breastfeeding come from? you're what's wrong with the world.

camouflaged-girl answered:

Nahh pretty sure theres more wrong with the world than me having an opinion. Get this through your scull: I have NO PROBLEM with breastfeeding. None. But if you’re gonna do something in public, have some decency. No matter what it is. It’s called respect. Some people don’t wanna see boobs hangin out when their walking around. GET OVER IT. No, they’re not pervs or indecent people. They just don’t want your lack of respect and personal choices SHOVED IN THEIR FACE (wether you like it or not it’s what you’re doing) BECAUSE YOU WANT EVERYONE TO CATER TO YOU. Thats not how the world works honey. Have some respect, have some decency, have some modesty, put your damn boobs away.

It sounds like you actually want people to cater to your own lack of respect and personal choice to shame other women for feeding their own children. Live and let live, honey. You’ll be much happier in life. Don’t be a mean brat.


Anonymous asked:

Your views on BF covering definitely reflect on your age. Hopefully you'll grow up before your child is born.

camouflaged-girl answered:

You’re obviously lacking some intelligence there. Just because my veiws differ from yours doesn’t mean im young or immature, it actually shows that you are. My veiws are based on my own thoughts, family, christianity, good morals and OH YEAH- a little thing called respect that you seem to be lacking.


Don’t pretend like covering has anything at all to do with Christianity because it absolutely 100% does not. I’m pretty sure Mary didn’t use a cover. And when I breastfed in church, and older woman told me to ditch the cover as my 7 week old repeatedly pulled it off her face. There is nothing ungodly about using breasts for what God created them for. Furthermore, you can see from the book of genesis that being ashamed of naked bodies is a direct result of sin itself, when sin was introduced, Adam and Eve were naked and ashamed, so they made themselves coverings. Without being told to, because God created bodies to be perfect so why would he command them to clothe? If anything, saying that breastfeeding should require a cover is UN-Christian like because you are essentially saying that what God created breasts for(feeding) is not as important as what man (in this century) decided they were for (sexualization). Really think on that and please, never ever pretend like you’re a good Christian for telling women they can’t do what their bodies were meant to do without being ashamed of what the world might think of it.

I usually stay out of religious conversations on tumblr but this is super ignorant and as a Christian myself, I don’t want “conservative and close minded” associated with us anymore than it already is.

Can we get a standing ovation for Morgan?

Thank god for my mom.

Taylor went back to work this afternoon after starting off with Ezra this morning while I went to the doctor.

I was fever free still morning thanks to Tylenol. But my fever just came back with a vengeance. My mom came over to watch Ezra so I can take a nap until my new dose of Advil kicks in.

This is miserable. I seriously haven’t had a fever since like high school. I’m just so cold.



•Won’t count months after baby turns one.
•Doesn’t give a shit if you formula feed or breastfeed.
•isn’t worried about germs and dirt.
•doesn’t care if you circumcise or not.
•doesn’t care if you cloth diaper or use disposable.

Wanna know why? I’m too busy…

Plus there’s a huge developmental difference in 14 months vs. 20 months or 16 months vs. 24 months, etc. etc.

The reason why I hate everything and everyone today.

I have mastitis. Boo.

I went to the pharmacy to pick up my medicine almost two hours after it had been called in. “We don’t have it. We’ll order it and it’ll be here tomorrow after 5:00pm,” they told me like it was no big deal. I wanted to yell at them that I have an infection in my boob. I need this medicine now. So I made them call the walgreens the town over. The tech sat on hold with them for 20 minutes as I sat in the drive-thru. Then I was told to pull back around to the end of the line once cars started lining up behind me. I kindly declined doing that because I wasn’t going to wait in line after already waiting 20+ minutes.

So the walgreens 20 minutes away has my prescription (or will in an hour) and I have to go pick it up after driving 3 hours roundtrip to the doctor today.

I’m done.



by renegademama
So I was hanging out the other day with a friend who has a newborn. A freaking gorgeous newborn boy, to be exact.

He is her first baby. She has recently become a mother.

You know, when we hear those words we hear them like it’s no big deal –…

So accurate to how I’ve been feeling.